This DIY handheld gaming PC has the same AMD Ryzen chip as the Smach Z and GPD Win Max

At least two handheld gaming computers featuring AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B processors with Radeon Vega graphics are expected to launch this year: the GPD Win Max and the Smach Z. One YouTuber decided not to wait. Instead he built his own portable gaming computer by attaching a game controller, display, and battery to a Sapphire […]

UDOO BOLT single-board PC with Ryzen Embedded starts shipping this week (crowdfunding)

AMD’s Ryzen Embedded line of processors are based on the same architecture as the Ryzen chips that power laptops and desktops. But they’re designed for embedded systems which generally means they can use less power and generate less heat than more powerful counterparts: AMD says Ryzen Embedded V1000 series chips (PDF) have TDP ratings ranging […]