Mounting evidence that a Nintendo Switch Mini is on the way

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Nintendo was getting ready to launch a smaller, cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch game console. Recently those rumors have picked up steam thanks to a number of listings for “Nintendo Switch Mini” accessories including screen protectors, cases, and docking stations. While it’s unclear if the name […]

Report: Microsoft’s next Surface devices could include AMD, ARM hardware

Two of the first Microsoft Surface tablets featured ARM-based processors and shipped with the Windows RT operating system. But the Surface RT and Surface 2 are long gone, and every Surface device Microsoft has released since 2013 has featured an Intel processor. This could be the year that changes. According to Petri’s Brad Sams, Microsoft […]

Multi-camera madness: Leaks point to 8-camera Sony smartphone, 6-camera Motorola model

The Nokia 9 PureView turned heads when it launched earlier this year, thanks to an unusual camera system that packed six cameras into a single phone (five on the back and one on the front). Now it looks like Sony may be planning to one-up Nokia… or maybe two-up. The company is said to be […]

Google confirms the Pixel 4 has a new design (and dual cameras)

A few ago Pricebaba and @OnLeaks posted a set of pictures allegedly showing the design for Google’s next flagship phone. Now, in a rather unusual move, Google seems to have confirmed the leak. The company tweeted a picture showing the back of the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone, complete with a square camera section featuring what […]

Dual-screen Microsoft Surface device may be on the way

Lenovo already sells a dual-screen laptop/tablet hybrid. Asus and HP have dual-screen laptops on the way. And Intel is showing off Twin River and Honeycomb Glacier concept designs that could be used by PC makers for future dual-screen devices. And Microsoft? It looks like the company may have one too. According to The Verge’s sources […]

Report: Amazon is developing Alexa-enabled wireless earbuds

Amazon’s first attempt to launch a smartphone wasn’t exactly a huge success, but the company took an early lead in the voice assistant space with its surprisingly popular Alexa-enabled line of devices including smart speakers, smart displays, and third-party devices including headphones and speakers. Now Bloomberg reports Amazon is hoping to launch a new Alexa […]

Report: Motorola’s foldable flip-phone will have a useful secondary screen

Rumor has it that Motorola’s first phone with a foldable display will feature classic flip-phone style design and that it may even be sold under the classic Razr brand name. While Samsung, Huawei, and other companies are using flexible display technology to produce phones that can be unfolded to become tablets, Motorola’s device will likely […]