Lilbits (7-03-2014): Meet Automotive Grade Linux

Android’s headed to the dashboards of cars thanks to the new Android Auto initiative. So’s iOS, thanks to CarPlay. But these two smart vehicle systems aren’t the only game in town. The Linux Foundation is sponsoring a new operating system called Automotive Grade Linux which is a Tizen-based OS aimed at vehicles. It has a […]

Reports: Say goodbye to the desktop on small Windows tablets

The next major version of Windows may sport features aimed at desktop and notebook users who have been reluctant to leave Windows 7 behind. That includes the return of a Windows Start Menu, and 2-in-1 devices will be able to automatically switch from a desktop mode to a tablet user interface depending on how you’re using the device […]

Shield Tablet pops up at NVIDIA website… in name only

NVIDIA may be preparing to launch a new tablet designed for gaming. Last month we saw reports of an upcoming “NVIDIA Shield” tablet which would support the company’s GameStream system for streaming PC games to a mobile device. Now there’s a page for a “Shield Tablet” and the NVIDIA TegraZone website. Unfortunately, there are absolutely […]

Lilbits (5-07-2014): Portal for Android (NVIDIA Shield)

Good news everyone! One of the most popular, critically acclaimed PC games of the last decade is coming to Android. There’s just one catch: while it’ll be available from the Google Play Store next week, at launch it’ll only officially support the NVIDIA Shield handheld game console. Still, there’s one more reason to buy NVIDIA’s […]

Reports: Microsoft Surface Mini to feature ARM CPU, stylus support

How does Microsoft plan to make its upcoming Surface mini tablet stand out from other small, cheap Windows tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro and Asus VivoTab Note 8? If reports making the rounds this week are true, it seems Microsoft’s tablet will be powered by an ARM processor, run Windows RT software, and […]