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Feedly launches Pro+ plans with AI assistant features

Feedly is a freemium news aggregator that lets you view updates from nearly any news source in one app — despite the fact that it first launched in 2008, in some ways Feedly is a spiritual successor to Google Reader, which shut down in in 2013. It’s an RSS reader with a web app and […]

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Google Reader fallout: Digg Reader, Aol Reader go live – what are you using?

Google Reader shuts down on Monday, July 1st. For years Google’s online RSS reader has been the most popular tool for folks looking for a web-based feed reader that could synchronize their read, unread, and saved items across multiple devices. Since Google announced plans to end the service, a number of folks have been making […]

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As Google Reader shutdown looms Feedly hopes to pick up Google’s pieces

In less than a month, Google Reader will shut down. Since Google announced plans to shutter its online RSS reader a few months ago, dozens of developers and companies have stepped forward in hopes of picking up where Google leaves off. One-time social news site Digg is building a new reader. Independent developer Samuel Clay’s […]

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Feedly updates its RSS apps, but removes a favorite feature (for now)

Since Google has announced plans to shut down Google Reader this summer, a number of companies have tried to attract long-time Reader users. Digg plans to launch a new RSS reader, and existing cloud-based news reader NewsBlur is working to scale operations to support a wave or Google refugees. But the company that may be […]