FeedBurner goes into “maintenance mode” in July (Update your email or RSS subscriptions)

Google announced in April that it would turn off some key features for FeedBurner in July. And now that the dates is approaching, the company says the once-ubiquitous tool used by web publishers to dress up their RSS feeds is going into “maintenance mode.” For users, the biggest change is that if you subscribed to […]

Google is bringing an experimental RSS “follow” feature to Chrome for Android (8 years after killing Google Reader)

It’s been eight years since Google annoyed a vast portion of the internet by killing off Google Reader, it’s web-based RSS reader. Now the company is embracing RSS again… kind of. Google has announced a new feature that will begin rolling out to some users of its Chrome Canary app for Android soon. When you […]

Google is sunsetting FeedBurner email subscriptions (it’s time to update your settings if you subscribe by email)

Google-owned FeedBurner used to be a wildly popular service that websites used to customize their RSS feeds, publicize them, and offer readers a way to get updates via email. But Google has let FeedBurner languish over the years, occasionally remembering the service still exists just long enough to remove useful features. The latest update? Google […]

Running a Google Reader replacement is hard: The Old Reader goes private

Less than a month after Google Reader shut down, one of the most popular replacements is also effectively shutting down. The folks behind The Old Reader, which basically clones the look and feel of Google Reader’s user interface from a few years ago picked up hundreds of thousands of new users after Google announced plans […]

Zombie Reader: Use the corpse of Google Reader to sift through your archived data

Google Reader is dead and buried, and nothing’s going to bring it back. But if you managed to export your data (all your data, not just your feed list), then you can still relive the glory days by sifting through all of your old news items using the Google Reader interface. Developer Mihai Parparita was one […]

Google Reader is kaputt – Export your data by July 15, 2013!

Well, it finally happened. Google Reader is dead. We knew it was coming, but it’s still a bit sad… at least for folks who know what Google Reader was. That excludes most of the world. Anyway, if you’ve been using Google’s cloud-based RSS feed reader to get your daily fix of news from around the […]