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Lilbits: Unbox Therapy’s hands-on with pre-release Pixel 7, Netflix could do cloud gaming, and RS Components no longer makes or sells Raspberry Pi hardware

Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones are expected to hit the streets this fall, and the company already gave us an idea of what they’d look like in May. But pre-release versions of the phone have been showing up in the wild for months, and now popular tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy has posted… an […]

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Raspberry Pi hits general availability: order as many as you like

The Raspberry Pi computer has been in short supply since it first hit the production lines a few months ago. But now the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s two manufacturing partners have stepped up production, and 4,000 units are being produced every day. So the group is removing ordering restrictions. Previously orders were limited to one per […]