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Lilbits (10-15-2013): Kindle Fire HDX torn apart, Angry Birds still angry

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets aren’t necessarily meant to be hacked, upgraded, or repaired by customers. They’re basically cheap tablets with good screens and decent performance designed to get you to buy more content from Amazon’s digital music, movie, book, and app stores. But Amazon’s tablets do have a track record of being pretty easy to root, install […]

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Google introduces in-app payments for Chrome Web Store (Angry Birds for the web)

Google has announced that the Google Chrome web browser now has 160 million users, and the company is pushing new features such as speech input and updates to the Chrome Web Store — including support for in-app payments. Developers can now add the ability to use Google’s payment system to a web app simply by […]

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Angry Birds hits the Intel AppUp Center for netbooks

I’ve never been convinced that netbooks and other computers running traditional desktop operating systems such as Windows and OS really need App Store. It’s not like it’s difficult to find free and paid software for these computers, although I suppose a one-stop-shop could encourage users to download more apps because it’s even easier — which […]