Lilbits 6-11-2020: Game Streaming expansion

Google’s Stadia game streaming platform officially works with computers, Chromecast Ultra media streamers, and a limited number of recent Android phones. But now Google has added beta/experimental support for just about any recent Android device which could turn the device already in your pocket into a game console. Stadia for phones also now includes support for […]

Build your own router with a $68 Banana Pi BPI R64 board

A WiFi router is basically a purpose-built computer, which is why some folks just build their own rather than buying an off-the-shelf option, and others replace the firmware that comes on their store-bought router with an open source alternatives such as OpenWrt or DD-WRT. Looking for something in between? There’s the Banana Pi BPI R64. It’s […]

Asus Lyra Voice is a mesh WiFi router and an Alexa smart speaker

Over the past few years I’ve seen a growing number of smart speakers and mesh networking gear at the Consumer Electronics Show. So it’s not surprising at all that somebody decided to combine both of those technologies into a single product. The Asus Lyra Voice is a tri-band WiFi router that’s also a wireless speaker with […]

D-Link’s new router is designed to bring 5G into the home

Wireless carriers are busy building out 5G networks and chip makers, phone manufacturers, and other tech companies are busy adding 5G support to their hardware. But while 5G promises faster speeds, more bandwidth, and the ability to get more devices online at once than ever before… I’ve often found myself wondering what benefit consumers will […]

Netgear’s newest Mesh WiFi router is also an Alexa smart speaker

Two of the biggest trends in household consumer electronics have merged in a way that should have seemed obvious: Netgear has released a mesh networking router that’s also a smart speaker. It’s called the Netgear Orbi Voice and in addition to working as a tri-band WiFi router that can be used in conjunction with additional […]

OpenWrt 18.06 released (Linux OS for your router, first major update in years)

OpenWrt is an open source, Linux-based operating system designed to run on hundreds of routers and other embedded devices. It can add new features to your networking gear and give you more control over the software running on the hardware in your home. This week the developers released OpenWrt 18.06, which is a big step […]

Asus firmware update can turn old routers into mesh networking devices

Up until recently if you’ve wanted to improve the coverage area of your home WiFi network, your simplest options were to invest in a router with better range or pick up a WiFi range extender. But over the past few years a number of companies have released mesh networking routers that are designed to let […]