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Lilbits: Bringing 32-bit apps to the Pixel 7 and a DIY pint-sized PC for some seriously retro computing

Google’s Android operating system has supported 64-bit processors for more than 9 years. But up until recently, every Android phone and tablet that shipped with a 64-bit chip could also run apps and games designed for 32-bit processors. That changed when Google began shipping the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, which are the […]

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Roshambo Retro Gaming Kits help you assemble a DIY game console

These days you can buy a $35 single-board computer with plenty of horsepower to play classic video games designed for the PlayStation or older consoles. But while you could just buy a Raspberry Pi, load up RetroPie software, and plug in some game controllers, and call it a day… sometimes it’s nice to have a game […]