Rockchip roadmap includes 8nm ARM Cortex-A76 chips (coming in 2020)

Chinese chip maker Rockchip’s processors may not be as ubiquitous these days as those from rival MediaTek. But over the past few years we’ve seen multiple companies release Chromebooks, mini PCs, and other devices with the company’s RK3399 processor (or the closely-related OP1 chip). So what’s next for Rockchip? Next year the company plans to […]

Lilbits 342: Facebook’s next device might be for your TV

Facebook’s probably on your phone. You might use it on your computer from time to time. And the company recently introduced a smart speaker/display/video calling gadget called Facebook Portal that puts Facebook in your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else in your house. So what’s next? According to a report from Cheddar, Facebook wants to […]

Rockchip launches two new chips for IoT devices (like smart speakers)

Chinese chip maker Rockchip makes the processors that power a lot of cheap Chinese tablets and TV boxes. But the company’s two latest processors are aimed at Internet of Things devices like smart speakers and displays. The Rockchip RK3308 and Rockchip “Gemini” processors are both quad-core, ARM Cortex-A35 chips. But the RK3308 is aimed at […]

RockPro64 single-board computer with Rockchip RK3399 coming soon for $60 and up

Rockchip’s RK3399 processor is a 6-core chip with two ARM Cortex-A72 CPU cores, four Cortex-A53 cores,and ARM Mali-T864 graphics. It was first unveiled in early 2016, but computers like the Asus Chromebook Flip C101 that are powered by the chip only really started to hit the streets in 2017. Soon you may be able to […]

Asus Tinker Board is a Raspberry Pi-like mini PC with a RK3288 processor

Asus is the latest company to launch a single-board computer aimed at makers, developers, and other hobbyists. It’s called the Asus Tinker Board, and at first glance this tiny computer looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi device. But the Asus Tinker Board features a faster processor and more memory than a Raspberry Pi 3. […]

Rockchip launches RK3228 series chips for set top boxes

Chinese chip maker Rockchip has two new processors on the way and they’r eboth designed for Android-based TV boxes. The Rockchip RK3228H and RK3228B chips can both handle 4K video playback and H.24/H.265 video decoding. And they’re both expected to show up in Chinese OTT (Over the Top) and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) devices. We may also […]

Firefly-RK3399 dev board with Rockchip hexa-core CPU hits Kickstarter for $139 and up

There’s no shortage of single-board computers aimed at developers, but the Firefly-RK3399 is the first to utilize Rockchip’s RK3399 hexa-core processor with two ARM Cortex-A72 and four ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores. The makers of the Firefly-RK3399 board plan to begin shipping the system in March, assuming they raise at least $50,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. […]

Rockchip RK3399 hexa-core chip coming soon to tablets, VR headsets and more

Rockchip’s RK3399 processor is a hexa-core chip with two ARM Cortex-A72 CPU cores and four Cortex-A53 cores. It features Mali-T864 graphics, support for 4K video playback, HDMI 2.0 output, and Rockhip says it’s designed to work in a range of devices including tablets, notebooks, TV boxes, and VR headsets. The company first unveiled the RK3399 […]