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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi + LEGOS, Alibaba open sources its RISC-V chips, Mac Pro could have 40-core CPU and 128-core graphics

Raspberry Pi’s latest device is an add-on that lets you use a Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi Zero, or Raspberry Pi 400 as the brains of a LEGO robot. Alibaba has unveiled a high-performance 128-core server chip based on ARM technology… but the company has also announced it’s open sourcing the technology behind its low-power […]

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Intel launches Euclid Developers Kit for robot makers for $399

Intel may not be building new Atom processors for smartphones, tablets, or notebooks, but the chip maker seems to think there’s still some life in its aging Atom x7-Z8700 Cherry Trail chip. That’s the processor that powers the company’s new Intel Euclid development kit for robotics. The Euclid dev kit is basically a small Linux-powered computer […]

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LG introduces line of robots for home and commercial applications

As promised, LG is showing off a new range of robots at CES this week. They include models that are basically Amazon Alexa-like, voice-activated devices on wheels that can move throughout your home and interact with other smart home products, larger models for use in the service industry or other areas, and updated robotic cleaners that […]

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LG is bringing robots to CES (for home and commercial use)

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just days away, but LG hasn’t been waiting for CES to unveil some of the products it’ll showcase there. We’ve already learned that the company has a new wearable speaker and wireless headphones, a portable levitating speaker, and some new phones. Now LG says it’s also bringing robots […]

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NVIDIA launches Jetson TX1 system-on-a-module for robots, drones, other low-power autonomous PCs

Last year NVIDIA launched the Jetson TK1 developer kit for folks interested in designing products using the company’s Tegra K1 processor. This year NVIDIA is going a bit further. As you might expect, there’s a new developer kit based on the Tegra X1 processor, and it’s called the Jetson TX1. But once you’ve designed a […]

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Modulo: Create electronics/robotics projects without circuit wiring [crowdfunding]

Want to build a smart sprinkler system that can water the lawn with varying amounts of water depending on the weather forecast? How about a fish feeder that can be activated remotely using an app? Or a tea-brewing robot that removes the bag when the tea is ready. There’s a new modular electronics kit that can […]

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From Android to robots: Google’s Andy Rubin spearheads robotics project

One of the driving forces behind a mobile operating system called Android is now trying to build real robots. Andy Rubin stepped down as Google’s head of Android software earlier this year, but he’s still with the company — and now the New York Times has revealed what he’s been working on. Google’s investing in […]

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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a cheap robotics platform with BrickPi

The Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap device designed to make computers accessible to students, hobbyists and others. The BrickPi is a small, cheap device designed to build on that concept by letting you use a Raspberry Pi as the brains of a programmable robot. You can pick up a Raspberry Pi for just $35, […]