Jibo’s robot-shaped smart speaker becomes even more useless as servers are shut off

Smart speakers powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are so common today that it’s easy to forget that the original Amazon Echo was introduced less than five years ago. At the time voice assistants were, at best, things we used on our phones. But Amazon wasn’t the first company to announce plans for a […]

Asus Zenbo robot goes on sale in Taiwan Jan 1st for $620 and up

Zenbo is a robot from Asus that responds to voice commands, has a touchscreen display that functions both as a face and information screen, and wheels that allows the robot to follow you around the house. Asus first unveiled Zenbo in May, and about half a year later the robot is just about ready to […]

Omate is building an Amazon Alexa-powered robot (crowdfunding)

After building a smartwatch with support for Amazon’s Alexa voice service, Omate is taking the next (il)logical step and building an Alexa-powered, voice-controlled robot. It’s called the Yumi, and Omate will be running a crowdfunding campaign for the project starting November 15th. During the campaign on Indiegogo you’ll be able to reserve a Yumi robot […]

Jibo “social” robot to ship in October, will compete with Asus Zenbo, Amazon Echo

Jibo is a “social robot” designed to hang out in you house, respond to your voice, and recognize your face so that it can tell you about appointments or incoming messages, tell you stories, snap photos or let you engage in video calls, and much more. The folks behind Jibo raised 3.7 million dollars for […]

$599 Asus Zenbo robot is an anthropomorphic smart home hub

Asus wants to sell you a robot butler. At a time when bots, voice-activated virtual assistants, and smart home tech are starting to gain traction, Asus has packed all of those features into robot that can roll around the house to follow you from room. It’s called Zenbo, and Asus plans to sell it for […]

Sharp’s phone that looks (and acts) like a robot launches for $1,800

Sharp’s RoboHon isn’t your typical smartphone. Yeah, you can use it to make phone calls or run Android apps. But it looks like a small robot, walks like a robot, and even dances like a robot. For some reason it also has a built-in projector. Sharp introduced RoboHon in October, and now the company is getting ready […]

Sharp’s RoboHon smartphone is also a robot (and a projector)

Sure, Siri, Cortana, and Google’s voice search let you talk to your smartphone and listen to it talk back. But you know what your phone probably can’t do? Walk. Fortunately, Sharp is on it. The Japanese consumer electronics company has unveiled a new smartphone called the RoboHon. But it’s not just a phone. It’s also a […]