2.2 pound Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano laptop coming this year

The upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano will be the first ThinkPad laptop to weigh less than a kilogram. Weighing in at 999 grams (or about 2.2 pounds), Lenovo describes the laptop as the “lightest ThinkPad ever” in a leaked promotional slide posted to Twitter by WalkingCat. Lenovo hasn’t officially announced the laptop yet, but it’s likely […]

Intel NUC roadmap leaked: Mini gaming PC with Tiger Lake-U by the end of 2020

Intel could launch a compact gaming desktop PC featuring a 10nm Intel Tiger Lake U-series processor and discrete graphics by the end of the year. According to a leaked product roadmap shared by @momomo_us, the upcoming “Intel NUC Extreme” will have a 1.35 liter chassis, making it a little bigger than the 1.21L “Hades Canyon” […]

Report: Intel Gemini Lake Refresh low-power chips are on the way

Intel’s upcoming 10th-gen Core “Ice Lake” processors may be blurring the lines between low-power Y-series chips and higher-performance U-series processors, but Intel is also continuing to crank out cheaper, lower-power Celeron and Pentium “Gemini Lake“chips based on its Atom-based “Goldmont Plus” architecture. Now it looks like a new set of Gemini Lake Refresh processors are on the […]

Dell roadmap includes “XPS 17” and “XPS Dual Screen” laptops (leaks)

Dell’s XPS line of thin and light laptops with 13.3 inch and 15.6 inch displays have been turning heads for years. Now it looks like Dell could be planning to launch two new models in 2020: a Dell XPS 17 laptop with a bigger display and something called the “XPS Dual Screen Maximus.” That’s according […]

Rockchip roadmap includes 8nm ARM Cortex-A76 chips (coming in 2020)

Chinese chip maker Rockchip’s processors may not be as ubiquitous these days as those from rival MediaTek. But over the past few years we’ve seen multiple companies release Chromebooks, mini PCs, and other devices with the company’s RK3399 processor (or the closely-related OP1 chip). So what’s next for Rockchip? Next year the company plans to […]

Intel NUC roadmap shows octa-core mini PCs are on the way

Intel’s NUC line of computers are tiny desktops that generally have laptop-class processors. But laptop processors are getting pretty powerful these days, and so are NUCs. The Bean Canyon model I’ve got on my review desk features a 28W processor with surprisingly strong performance. The Hades Canyon line of NUCs are even more powerful — […]

AMD roadmap: 2nd-gen Ryzen chips and Ryzen desktop CPUs with integrated Radeon graphics

AMD is outlining its plans for 2018, and along with introducing new Ryzen Mobile processors, the company plans to bring its first Ryzen desktop chips with integrated graphics to market. AMD has long used its graphics technology to help differentiate its chips from Intel’s. But while the first laptop chips based on the company’s Zen […]

Intel’s low-power “Gemini Lake” chips coming in October/November?

Intel may be preparing to launch its third set of processors in the span of just a few months. According to a leaked product roadmap published by Gamers Nexus, Intel’s low-power Gemini Lake chips will be introduced in late October or early November. They’ll join the recently launched Kaby Lake Refresh line of chips for […]