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Rockchip, GlobalFoundries ramp up RK3188, RK3168 chip production

Chinese chip maker Rockhip’s latest chips are some of the most powerful dual and quad-core processors based on ARM Cortex-A9 designs. The quad-core RK3188 chip has been available in tablets and mini PCs for a few months, and the dual-core RK3168 hit the streets more recently. Now Rockchip has announced that it’s working with chip […]

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Cube U25GT with Rockchip RK3168 dual-core CPU coming soon

Rockchip’s RK3168 is a new ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor which should be a little cheaper than the quad-core RK3188, but which uses less power than last year’s RK3066 dual-core chip. The Chinese chip-maker just introduced the new processor last month, but it’s expected to start showing up in tablets soon. One of the first may […]

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Lilbits (5-06-2013): Paranoid Android launches Halo

Drawing inspiration from Facebook’s chat heads feature, Paranoid Android developers have completely overhauled Android’s notification and multitasking system with support for always-visible notifications which let you quickly open and close an app without minimizing the app you were using. The Paranoid Android team started showing off the software a week ago, and now there are […]

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Rockchip introduces 28nm RK3168 dual core processor for mobile devices

Chinese chip maker Rockchip makes ARM-based processors that often show up in Chinese tablets… and sometimes in devices from Western companies as well. Last year Rockchip introduced the RK3066 dual core chip which has proven very popular with Chinese tablet makers. This year the company followed up with the RK3188 quad-core CPU. Now Rockhip is introducing […]