RetroArch mod for NES Classic lets you play Gameboy, N64, Sega Genesis games

Nintendo’s NES Classic is a $60 game console that looks like a tiny version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from the 80s. But this nostalgia-centric gaming device has an HDMI port for output and comes with 30 games pre-installed. Officially those are the only games it’s supposed to be able to run. But hackers […]

RetroArch lets you play classic PS1, NES, GameBoy games on Android… and much more

Developers have been offering video game console emulators for Android almost as long as Android’s been around. While there are some top notch games designed for Android, there’s nothing quite like firing up an emulator to play Final Fantasy VII on your phone. Up until now if you wanted to handle PlayStation, NES, Sega Genesis, […]