Play Game Boy cartridges on your TV with RetroN Sq (up for pre-order now, ships in March)

The RetroN Sq started as a joke. In 2017 gaming accessory maker Hyperkin tweeted a drawing of a device that would let you play games from Game Boy cartridges on a TV. But that tweet came out ahead of April Fools’ Day and the company initially had no plans to release a real product with […]

Arduboy Nano is a (barely) playable game console less than an inch tall

The maker of the Arduboy line of handheld retro game systems has been producing pocket-sized gaming hardware for years. But the new Arduboy Nano goes beyond pocket-sized. It’s small enough to hang from a keychain. In fact, it’s so small that it’s probably extraordinarily uncomfortable to use for actually gaming. But it’s a fully functional […]

Circuit Gem is a handheld game system stuffed in a Sega Dreamcast VMU

There’s no shortage of handheld retro game consoles these days, allowing you to play classic console games on the go. But the Circuit Gem goes a little above and beyond the norm by stuffing modern hardware into a truly retro case. It’s a modern micro console/computer stuffed into the shell of a Sega Dreamcast VMU. […]

Atari VCS game console is now shipping (It’s real and it… needs software updates)

The Atari VCS is a modern take on a classic game console. With a design inspired by the 1980s-era Atari 2600, the new version is designed to play games designed for the original as well as newer titles. And it can do a lot more. Under the hood, the Atari VCS is basically a Linux […]

Nintendo Game & Watch hacking scene brings Pokémon, CHIP-8 and more to the $50 handheld

The Nintendo Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is a $50 handheld game console designed to run just three games. But Nintendo’s latest retro console has proven to be hackable… at least by folks with the necessary skills and hardware. Launched this fall as an homage to Nintendo handhelds from the 80s, the new Game […]

Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros hacked on day one (Yes, it plays DOOM)

Nintendo’s latest retro game console is a handheld game system designed to run just a few games. The Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is a modern take on the original Game & Watch line of single-game handhelds that were released in Japan 40 years ago. First announced in September, the new model sells for […]

Nintendo is launching a Super Mario handheld game console for $50 this fall

Super Mario Bros turns 35 this year, and Nintendo is introducing a bunch of new products to celebrate… including a handheld game console with the game pre-installed. The new Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is modeled after Nintendo’s first handhelds, which were single-game device released in the 1980s before the Game Boy was introduced. But […]

Analogue Pocket is a modern handheld game console that plays classic games (cartridges and all)

Want to play some old-school games on a modern device? There’s no shortage of emulators that will let you fire up classic games on a phone. Or you can buy any number of modern handhelds designed to play old games (or maybe build your own). But the Analogue Pocket is something different. The upcoming handheld […]