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Windows 10 may be getting a “Cloud download” restore option (no recovery media required)

Windows 10 includes some troubleshooting tools that allow you remove a problematic Windows update, attempt to reset your PC (while keeping or wiping your files) if you run into more serious problems. But if you need to completely reinstall Windows for some reason, you typically need to create installation media by preparing a USB flash […]

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Windows 8 features a reset button: Re-install Windows without a disc

There’s a time-tested ritual with PC owners. After a few months or years the performance starts to deteriorate and you pull out a Windows install disc and spend a full day re-installing the operating system and re-installing all of your apps. So-called “PC rot” isn’t as bad on Windows 7 as it was with earlier […]

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Latest Mac computers can reinstall OS X over the internet

Apple rolled out OS X Lion this morning as well as several new Mac Mini and MacBook Air models. And they have a very cool new system recovery option: You can reinstall OS X over the internet. In other words, you don’t need a disc to install the operating system. That way if your hard […]