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RIM shipped just 200,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets last quarter

  Things aren’t looking good for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Research in Motion is reporting its quarterly earnings today, and the company announced that it shipped 200,000 tablets during the quarter. That’s about one half to one third of what analysts had expected. The figure also only tells us how many PlayBook tablets were sent to stores, […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook to hit 16 new countries in the next month

Research in Motion has announced it will launch the BlackBerry PlayBook in 16 additional countries over the next 30 days. The tablet is currently only available in the US and Canada. New regions will include the UK, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, India, Hong Kong, Australia, and Mexico, among other places. The PlayBook features a […]

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Android apps, native contact, calendar, email apps coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook soon

Research in Motion has already stated that it would release native PIM (personal information management) apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now we have something approaching a time frame. At the BlackBerry World keynote this morning officials promised that calendar, contact, and email apps would arrive this summer. Right now the only way to use calendar, […]

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RIM unveils BlackBerry OS 7, enterprise solution for Android, iOS and more

Research in Motion unveiled a new video chat app for the BlackBerry PlayBook this morning. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The company also introduced the next version of its smartphone operating system, software that lets BlackBerry users keep personal and professional data on their phones without jeopardizing corporate security, a solution allowing IT […]

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Why everyone is trying to be Apple… and why it probably won’t work

You’ve probably noticed that virtually every PC and phone maker is rushing to put out a tablet this year. The iPad has been a huge hit for Apple, and nobody wants to miss the boat if it’s not just Apple’s individual product but the entire category of slate-style devices really starts to take off. That […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook tablet now available for purchase

The BlackBerry PlayBook may not have received glowing reviews thanks to an awkward power button and lackluster software, but the tablet is still a pretty solid piece of hardware with excellent support for multitasking and a compact form factor. And some of its biggest failings could be addressed by future software updates. So if you’re […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook review roundup

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is set to go on sale April 19th with a starting price of $500. The tablet has a speedy dual core processor, supports Adobe Flash, and in addition to native apps, it will eventually be able to run Android apps. So how does it compare to the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM, […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook to come in 4G WiMAX, LTE, and HSPA+ varieties

Research in Motion has announced it will offer two more 4G capable versions of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. That means the PlayBook will now come in at least four versions: WiFi-only WiFi + WiMAX WiFi + LTE WiFI + HSPA+ Interestingly, the company hasn’t announced any 3G capable versions of the tablet. Most major US […]

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RIM shows off BlackBerry PlayBook web browser, HTML5, Flash performance

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook has a dual core processor and what appear to be pretty powerful multitasking capabilities. But how does it handle everyday tasks like viewing web pages with heavy Flash or HTML5 features? Research in Motion has posted a new video of the PlayBook browser in action and it looks like it can […]