Google’s Lyra audio codec delivers high-quality audio at low bit rates

Broadband wired and wireless internet connections are getting faster all the time. But in many parts of the world high-speed internet access is unavailable and/or unreliable. So researchers continue to find ways to find ways to use compression to save bandwidth while transmitting audio, video, images, and other content that typically uses a lot of […]

Lilbits: Microsoft Edge gets more interesting, Chromebooks outsell Macs, and a 31.2 inch color E Ink display

Now that Microsoft’s Edge web browser is based on Google’s open source Chromium project, it behaves a lot like Google’s Chrome browser… and for the most part that’s left me wondering why you’d use Edge instead of Chrome. Microsoft has been adding features that help set its browser apart, but up until now I haven’t […]

Canalys: Tablet and Chromebook shipments hit all-time highs in Q4, 2020

According to the latest global PC market report from research firm Canalys, PC makers shipped 458.2 million computers in 2020, up 17 percent from shipments in 2019. Much of that growth came in the fourth quarter of the year, with a total of 143.7 million units shipped, up 35-percent from the same period a year […]

Lilbits: More new Intel chips, PC shipments are up, and Qualcomm’s new in-screen fingerprint reader is bigger

In addition to launching new 35-watt Tiger Lake processors for gaming laptops and new 6-10 watt chips for low-cost, low-power notebooks for the education market, Intel had some other big announcements today. The company launched a new line of 11th-gen Tiger Lake chips with vPro technology for business-class security, management, and performance features. Intel also […]

Lilbits: Chromebook explosion, Huawei’s respite, and PinePhone KDE Community Edition

The global pandemic has been hard on everyone… except maybe for PC makers. With more people working and schooling from home, a lot of people have been looking for laptops, tablets, and other devices capable of handling your daily Zoom quota. That’s been enough to reverse a trend in recent years that’s seen PC shipments […]