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Lilbits: Qualcomm’s current and next-gen laptop chips, Google Voice loses a key feature

Windows laptops with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors have been around for a few years… but they’ve offered generally underwhelming performance, especially now that Apple has shown that laptops with ARM-based processors can be much faster than equivalent models with x86 chips. But Qualcomm isn’t done making laptop processors. Details about an upcoming chip are starting to […]

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Republic Wireless now sells SIM cards, lets you bring your own phone (Only 9 models supported, though)

So you’ve been thinking about signing up for Republic Wireless due to the mobile carrier’s relatively low-cost phone plans… but you’ve been disappointed in the selection of phones available from the company. Good news: now you can bring your own phone. Bad news: That’s only true if you have one of the nine devices that […]

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Republic Wireless refunds you for unused data (kills unlimited option)

A few years ago Republic Wireless launched a cellular service offering unlimited talk, text, and data for as little as $19 per month thanks to a unique (at the time) system that routes your calls and messages over WiFi whenever you’re near a hotspot. Now the company is killing off its unlimited plan… but that […]

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Lilbits (4-20-2015): Fossdroid makes finding free and open source Android apps easy

Want the source code for Google’s Android operating system? Just head on over to the Android Open Source Project. Want to run free and open source apps on your Android device? It can be a bit tough to find them in the Google Play Store. That’s where F-Droid comes in. It’s an app store for […]

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$299 Moto X available from Republic Wireless, service plans start at $5 per month

Motorola’s Moto X smartphone is now available from budget mobile carrier Republic Wireless. When you pay $299 up front for the phone you can use it to make calls and surf the web for as little as $5 per month. Of course, that plan is pretty limited — you’ll only be able to make calls […]

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No, you can’t use a the $299 Republic Wireless Moto X on Sprint

Hoping that you could pick up a Moto X smartphone from Republic Wireless for $299 in November and then use it on a different wireless network? You’re out of luck. While Republic Wireless is offering the best deal on a contract-free Moto X around, the company says the phone will only work on its network. And […]

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$299 Moto X coming to Republic Wireless with plans as low as $5 per month

Disappointed that Motorola’x new Moto X smartphone isn’t priced more like a Nexus phone? While you can pick one up for around $199 with a wireless contract, up until now a contract-free version of the phone has sold for $549. Republic Wireless is changing that. Starting in November, the low-cost wireless carrier will offer the […]

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Republic Wireless exits beta, launches $19/month unlimited wireless network

Republic Wireless is an unusual phone company which offers unlimited talk, text, and data for just $19 per month. What’s the catch? Well, despite what it says on the website, there are a few. First, you get a choice of exactly one phone at the moment: A $249 Motorola DEFY XT. Second, the phone is […]

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Republic Wireless launches unlimited calling, text, data for $19/month (sort of)

Republic Wireless has launched a new mobile service for US customers that offers unlimited voice, text, and data for just $19 per month. But here’s the catch — the service relies on Voice Over IP technology for phone calls and text message, so really you’re only paying for a 3G data plan. Here’s how it […]