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Replicant OS 6.0 released (Android Marshmallow without the proprietary bits)

Replicant OS is a fork of Google’s Android operating system that’s had all the proprietary code removed. It takes a lot of time and effort to do that, so while we’re getting ready for Google to release Android O in the not-too-distant future, the Replicant team has just released version 6.0, which is based on […]

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Replicant 6.0 is under development (Android 6.0 stripped of all proprietary code)

Android is an open source operating system… in that Google typically releases the source code for each new version of Android when it’s ready. But Android is developed largely behind closed doors and the versions of the operating system that ship with most phones, tablets, and other devices included some closed-source software including Google Play […]

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Replicant 4.2 is Android Jelly Bean without the closed source bits

Google’s Android operating system may be open source — but the version of Android that runs on most phones, tablets, and other devices includes proprietary, closed-source components. While most Android users would probably rather have 3D graphics and GPS than a 100-percent open source operating system, there’s an alternative for folks willing to sacrifice functionality […]

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Replicant 4.0 released, brings fully FOSS version of Android 4.0 to the masses

Google Android is based on an open source Linux kernel, and Google regularly releases the source code for the core operating system. But most phones and tablets that ship with Android include proprietary code, often including camera drivers, radios, and more. While plenty of smartphone and tablet users are cool with that, a team of […]