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Interop 2022 initiative aims to make sure web sites work the same in all browsers

The companies behind the rendering engines that power all of the biggest web browsers have announced a new initiative called Interop 2022 that’s designed to ensure that websites will look and function the same way no matter what browser you’re using to access them. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are all onboard, which means that other […]

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Mozilla’s Project Quantum is a next-gen rendering engine for Firefox

The makers of the Firefox web browser have announced a plan to replace the browser’s Gecko rendering engine with a next-gen version called Quantum. The new engine is optimized to take advantage of modern smartphone and PC hardware including multi-core CPUs and powerful graphics cards. The idea is to use parallel processing to do more […]

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Mozilla launches nightly builds of Servo web rendering engine

More than three years after announcing plans to launch a new web rendering engine, Mozilla has released the first nightly builds of Servo. The idea was to build a new, high-performance rendering engine using the latest tools and features. While Servo isn’t ready to replace the Gecko rendering engine used in Mozilla’s Firefox web browser yet, […]

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Google forks Webkit, introduces Blink rendering engine for Chrome (and Opera)

Google has been using the open source Webkit rendering engine to power its Chrome web browser and Chrome OS operating system since day one. But that’s about to change. The company has announced plans to develop its own rendering engine called Blink. It’s based on Webkit, but as development continues, it will likely start to […]