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Chrome OS could get remote lock, wipe features

Google’s Android Device Manager lets smartphone users locate a missing device, remotely lock it, or even wipe data by logging into a website. Now it looks like Google may be preparing to offer a similar feature to Chromebook users. Google’s François Beaufort notes that the latest dev channel version of Chromium OS includes an experimental option […]

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CyanogenMod Accounts: Secure, open source find my phone, remote wipe, and more

The CyanogenMod team is launching a new online service that that lets you locate a missing phone, remotely wipe it, or perform other actions. If that doesn’t sound original, it’s because there are a number of similar service already available. But the folks behind the popular custom version of Android say that their solution is […]

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aeGis open source security app can locate, wipe, lock your phone

There are a handful of security apps available in the Google Play Store which let you locate a missing phone, remotely lock your device, or even wipe all your data. But aeGis is a little different. That’s because aeGis is an open source app designed by one of the developers behind the popular CyanogenMod Android-based […]