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Google’s next music streaming service sounds just as confusing as its last few

Google already has a streaming music service called Google Play Music, but it’s kind of a mess. You can pay to listen to music on demand. You can upload your own music to the service and stream it without paying a penny. Or you can listen to ad-supported, Pandora-like “stations” based on artists, songs, or […]

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Jide adds a Remix IO+ to its Android-based mini PC lineup (crowdfunding update)

Jide recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a multi-purpose box that runs the company’s Android-based operating system. The Remix IO is positioned as a device that can be used as a sort of desktop-style computer, or as a TV box that lets you stream videos or play games. But if you were underwhelmed by the hardware […]

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Run Android apps in Windows with Jide’s Remix OS Player

Jide Technology’s Remix OS is an Android-based operating system that takes Google’s mobile OS and makes it feel more like a desktop OS. It ships on a handful of tablets, mini-desktops, and other devices, and earlier this year Jide released Remix OS for PC, allowing just about anyone to download and run the operating system […]

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Jide release Remix OS 2.0 updates for Nexus 9, Nexus 10, and Ultra Tablet

The company behind Remix OS, a custom version of Android that brings desktop-style features to the mobile operating system, have released new builds for three devices. For the first time you can now install Remix OS 2.0 on the Google Nexus 9 and Nexus 10 tablets. And Jide has also released a new stable build […]

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Remix OS for PC beta: How to dual-boot Windows and Android-as-a-desktop OS

Remix OS is a desktop-style operating system built around Google Android. It lets you run virtually any Android app or game, but it provides a desktop, taskbar, and window manager that makes Google’s mobile operating system feel more like Windows and other desktop operating systems. The operating system used to only run on devices with […]

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Jide releases (some) Remix OS source code to comply with GPL, Apache licenses

Remix OS is a custom version of Google Android designed to run on desktop and notebook computers. While it’s based on open source software, the operating system itself is not fully open source… but as has recently been pointed out, the developers at Jide may have violated some software licenses when they released Remix OS for […]

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Running Remix OS on a PC

Remix OS is a custom version of Android designed to make Google’s mobile operating system behave like a desktop OS. It has a taskbar, a desktop, and a start menu. More importantly, it allows you to run most Android apps in resizable windows that you can position anywhere on the screen, making it easy to […]

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Jide Remix Ultra tablet ships to Kickstarter backers, arrives at the FCC

The Remix Ultra Tablet from Jide looks like a Microsoft Surface thanks to a sort of boxy design with a built-in kickstand and a magnetic keyboard cover that snaps onto the tablet to transform it into a sort of laptop. But this tablet doesn’t run Windows. Instead it runs a custom version of Android called […]