Remix OS for PC update brings Android 6.0, multi-window improvements

Jide’s Remix OS is a customized version of Google Android designed for laptop and desktop computers. It ships on a handful of notebooks, mini PCs, and other devices, and earlier this year Jide released the first version of Remix OS for PC, allowing anyone to download the operating system and try it out on many […]

Codeweavers demos Steam game client running on Android*

Crossover is a tool that allows you to run some Windows software on Mac or Linux machines. It’s developed by a company called Codeweavers, and it’s basically a commercial version of the open source WINE software, and last year Codewavers announced it was working to bring the software to Android. That means you could eventually run some […]

Remix OS for PC beta: How to dual-boot Windows and Android-as-a-desktop OS

Remix OS is a desktop-style operating system built around Google Android. It lets you run virtually any Android app or game, but it provides a desktop, taskbar, and window manager that makes Google’s mobile operating system feel more like Windows and other desktop operating systems. The operating system used to only run on devices with […]

Remix OS for PC beta coming March 1st, brings dual-booting, 32-bit, and over-the-air updates

Remix OS is a customized version of Android that looks and feels like a desktop operating system. First launched by Jide in 2015, the operating system only supported a few devices at first. In January Jide made it easier for anyone to try out Remix OS by releasing an alpha version of Remix OS for […]

Remix OS for PC gets its first update, 32-bit support in the works

About two weeks after releasing Remix OS for PC, the developers of this Android-as-a-desktop operating system have released a first update. It’s available for download from the Jide website, or you can find more details at the xda-developers forum. Version 2.0.1 is a relatively minor update that fixes some bugs includes a functional battery indicator for […]

Jide releases (some) Remix OS source code to comply with GPL, Apache licenses

Remix OS is a custom version of Google Android designed to run on desktop and notebook computers. While it’s based on open source software, the operating system itself is not fully open source… but as has recently been pointed out, the developers at Jide may have violated some software licenses when they released Remix OS for […]

Running Remix OS on a PC

Remix OS is a custom version of Android designed to make Google’s mobile operating system behave like a desktop OS. It has a taskbar, a desktop, and a start menu. More importantly, it allows you to run most Android apps in resizable windows that you can position anywhere on the screen, making it easy to […]

Jide talks plans for 2016 (Remix OS for any PC, custom ROM for the Pixel C, and more)

It’s been about a year since Jide unveiled a desktop-friendly version of Android called Remix OS, and in that time the company has run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, launched a tablet and a inexpensive mini desktop, and worked with a number of device makers to load Remix OS on their devices. Now Jide is taking a […]

Install Remix OS on any PC to run Android as a desktop operating system

Jide’s Remix OS is a custom version of Android designed to make Google’s mobile operating system feel like a desktop OS. And it pretty much works. The developers of Remix OS have released two devices that ship with the software, a tablet and a mini desktop computer, and they’ve also made the software available to […]