ZiiLabs launches Jaguar3 tablet reference design

ZiiLabs has been showing off its 1.5 GHz dual core and quad core chips for a few months, and now the company has introduced a tablet reference design that device makers can use to build products featuring the ZMS-20 or ZMS-40 chips. The Jaguar3 reference design doesn’t look all that different from any other Google Android […]

Malata to sell super-thin netbook based on Intel’s Canoe Lake reference design

Intel introduced a reference design for thin and light fanless computers last year called Canoe Lake. But while Intel showed off the platform at events in June and November, no PC makers ever brought anything looking like a Canoe Lake laptop to market… until now. Malata is showing off an upcoming netbook at Computex in […]

Intel shows off Keeley Lake ultrathin netbook reference design

Last year Intel was showing off a Canoe Lake reference design for ultrathin notebooks using the company’s low power Atom chips. This year Intel is rolling out a new reference design called KeeleyLake for ultrathin netbooks which can also be used as tablet computers. The Keeley Lake design features a base so thin that there’s […]

Intel’s Canoe Lake ultrathin netbook performance put to the test

Intel introduced a new Canoe Lake reference design for ultrathin netbooks earlier this week. And when I say ultrathin, I’m not kidding. Intel says that Canoe Lake systems can be as thin as 14mm, or about 0.55 inches. That’s because the low power chipset doesn’t generate a ton of heat and PC makers can use […]

Closer look at Intel’s Canoe Lake ultrathin netbook concept

Intel introduced a line of new low power chips for netbooks, tablets, and smartphones this morning. But one of the more interesting things Intel launched wasn’t a chip, but a reference design for creating ultrathin netbooks that use passive cooling instead of noisy fans. Intel’s new Canoe Lake platform would let PC makers design netbooks […]

Broadcom describes its vision for tablet devices

Chip maker Broadcom designs the HD video accelerator found in a handful of netbooks today, as well as a wired and wireless communication technology found in a huge number of phones, computers, digital media boxes, and other devices. With tablet-style devices set to take over the world (or at least with dozens of PC makers […]

Freescale introduces sub-$200 web tablet reference design

Freescale Semiconductor is introducing a new reference design for a dirt cheap web tablet using an ARM Cortex A8-based processor and running Linux or Google Android. The company will be showing off a prototype at CES this week, and Freescale is looking for hardware partners to build actual products based on the reference design. Freescale […]