RED shuts down its Hydrogen smartphone project, will continue supporting its sole phone

The first smartphone from high-end camera maker RED Digital Cinema is set to be the company’s last. A year after releasing the RED Hydrogen One, company founder Jim Jannard has announced that he’s retiring… and shutting down the Hydrogen project. Jannard says RED will continue to support the Hydrogen One and that development of “Komodo” […]

RED Hydrogen Two smartphone in the works, along with a camera module

The RED Hydrogen One is one of the more unusual smartphones to ship in the past few years thanks to a “holographic display,” a rugged design, and a connector for modular add-ons. Developed by a company best known for its cameras, the smartphone actually had a built-in camera that wasn’t all that impressive. But RED […]

RED revamps plans for its Hydrogen smartphone camera system

Camera maker RED launched its first smartphone last year. The RED Hydrogen One is an expensive phone with mediocre specs, a passable-at-best camera, and a chunky, but durable chassis. There are three things that make the $1300 phone stand out though — it has a “holographic display” with glasses-free 3D effects, it’s made by a high-end […]

RED Hydrogen One smartphone will be a 3D viewfinder for the company’s upcoming camera

RED’s first smartphone may not exactly be getting rave reviews for being a phone… but the RED Hydrogen One could eventually become part of the company’s larger ecosystem of high-end camera gear. We’re still waiting for RED to start selling modular camera add-ons that will let you snap higher-quality photos with the phone itself. But […]

Lilbits 331: Non-IFA news edition

The IFA show in Berlin technically begins on Thursday, but Intel, Acer, and Dell have already kicked things off with a series of announcements related to new processors and a whole bunch of new laptops. But not all the news this week is coming out of IFA. The Information reports that Amazon is getting ready […]

RED Hydrogen One smartphone could start shipping in October (or sooner)

After encountering a small setback last week, the folks at RED say they’re almost ready to start shipping their first smartphone. The RED Hydrogen One is a high-end phone with support for modular add-ons such as premium camera lenses. It has an unusual design with ridged sides and a rough texture on the back, and the […]

Lilbits 322: The Red Hydrogen One cometh… later

RED’s first smartphone is an unusual device. It has a rugged Kevlar body. It has a “4D holographic” display. And it will work with modular add-ons including specialized camera lenses. Basically the RED Hydrogen One is an expensive phone aimed at photographers, cinematographers and other enthusiasts. It’s also running late. The phone showed up at […]