Fedora Linux 34 brings big changes to the desktop, audio, and more

The folks behind the Fedora Project have released a major update to the popular, long-running Linux distribution. Among other things, the default desktop environment for Fedora 34 is GNOME 40, which brings a new look, redesigned apps, and other improvements.¬†Pipewire replaces PulseAudio for all audio applications. And the Btrfs file system now supports transparent compression, […]

Lilbits: Asus ROG Phone’s light show, GPD Win 3, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is free for small workloads

The Asus ROG Phone line of smartphones are designed for gamers… and they tend to pack features that only a gamer could love or need like multiple USB ports, ultrasonic “airtrigger” buttons, and support for clip-on accessories including game controllers, desktop docks, and cooling fans. Last year’s ROG Phone 3 had all of those features, […]

Lilbits: The death of CentOS Linux, the rise of RISC-V, and last call for the F(x)Tec Pro1 X

Most major smartphone makers have stopped shipping handsets with physical keyboards, opting instead for touchscreen-only phones with thin and light designs. But the F(x)Tec Pro1 is a phone custom made for fans of physical keyboards. It’s one of the only modern smartphones to feature a QWERTY keyboard that slides out from behind the screen. While […]

Lenovo now offers Linux on all of its workstation PCs (desktop and laptop)

After years of offering Linux as an option for some of its workstation computers, Lenovo has announced that starting later this month all of its ThinkStation desktop and ThinkPad P Series laptops will be available with a choice of Windows, Ubuntu LTS, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. To be clear, there was nothing stopping customers […]

Lilbits 393: The priciest webcam

Webcams are in short supply these days thanks the coronavirus pandemic. But you may already have a perfectly good camera that you can use for your next Zoom meeting or Facebook Messenger call. There are apps that will let you use an iPhone or Android device as a webcam for your computer. And some DSLR […]

Fedora 21 Linux-based operating system released

The Fedora Project’s latest version of the open source Fedora operating system have released Fedora 21. It comes about a month after the launch of a public beta, and not much has changed since my last article… it’s just that the operating system is now considered stable enough to drop the beta label. Fedora is […]