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Samsung issues recall for a million Galaxy Note 7 phones in the US

Following the recent announcement of a voluntary recall for the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has partnered with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a recall for a million phones sold in the US. The recall comes after dozens of reports of batteries on Galaxy Note 7 phones catching fire. The announcements also comes […]

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Samsung to limit risk of exploding Note 7 batteries through software update

After numerous instances of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire, Samsung is in the process of running one of the largest consumer electronics recall programs in recent memory. Want to make sure your phone doesn’t spontaneously burst in to flames? You should probably stop using it right away and follow instructions from Samsung and/or […]

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FAA warns passengers not to use Galaxy Note 7 while flying (maybe you should take advantage of that voluntary recall)

Samsung says only a relatively small percentage of the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold to date suffer from a defect that can cause the battery to explode and catch fire. But the company has issued a voluntary recall and will either replace phones you send in with either a new, non-exploding version or […]

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Samsung issues recall for Galaxy Note 7 after some units catch fire

Just a few weeks after shipping the first Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, Samsung is issuing a recall. The company will voluntarily replace any of the 2.5 million phones that have been sold so far. The move comes in response to reports that some Galaxy Note 7 phones were catching fire due to battery problems. Samsung […]

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Lilbits (2-21-2014): Amazon’s TV Box coming in March?

Amazon wanted people to buy eBooks, so it launched the Kindle line of eReaders. It wanted them to buy apps, music, and movies so it launched the Kindle Fire line of tablets. And if Amazon really wants you to use its store and services for your online video needs? Amazon might want to launch a Roku-like […]