Lilbits: Apple’s iMessage lock-in strategy, Surface Laptop 4, and Verizon’s hotspot is TOO hot to handle

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when something called a “hotspot” overheats, but Verizon has issued a recall on 2.5 million mobile hotspots that may pose a fire hazard after receiving 15 reports of devices overheating. Meanwhile, as Apple and Epic prepare to duke it out in court, Epic is building a case that Apple’s practices […]

Amazon issues recall for 6 different AmazonBasics portable power banks (fire hazard)

Amazon sells a wide range of cheap, but generally decent products under its AmazonBasics brand. You can find AmazonBasics luggage, Bluetooth speakers, cell phone cases, and computer keyboards, just to name a few categories. But one product type you probably won’t find on today? An AmazonBasics portable power bank. Working with the US Consumer […]

Lenovo recalls 5th-gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon due to fire hazard

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon line of laptops are known for their thin-and-light bodies, business-like black chassis with red accents, and high-performance hardware. Unfortunately it looks like last year’s model is also a potential fire hazard, so Lenovo is working with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and issuing a recall for some ThinkPad X1 Carbon […]

When glitter attacks: MixBin recalls iPhone cases due to burns, skin irritation

Smartphone cases help protect your devices from damage… but it looks like sometimes those same cases can cause¬†you damage. MixBin Electronics is recalling 263,000 iPhone cases following reports that some customers experienced skin irritation or even chemical burns after coming in contact with the liquid and glitter in some of the company’s phone cases. The […]

B&N issues recall for NOOK Tablet 7 power adapters

A few weeks after Barnes & Noble stopped selling NOOK Tablet 7″ hardware in stores and through its website due to faulty power adapters, the company has issued a recall for those power adapters. You can register for the recall at the B&N website, and the company will issue a pre-paid shipping label that you […]

Samsung says battery issues caused Galaxy Note 7 fires, 96 percent of phones returned

Samsung has announced the results of its investigation into the cause of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire and, as expected, the problem has to do with two battery flaws. The company used batteries from two suppliers, and in one case the batteries were too small to safely fit all the components, which led to […]

Barnes & Noble stops selling NOOK Tablet 7″ while investigating hardware issue

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Tablet 7″ is a $50 Android tablet which the bookstore chain began selling in late 2016. But the company has stopped selling the tablet for now, due to a potential hardware issue. First reported in a reddit thread, the company has also instructed stores to box up and return inventory. Despite […]

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint to roll out that Galaxy Note 7 killing update (Update: Verizon too)

Samsung recently announced plans to issue a software update that will effectively disable Galaxy Note 7 smartphones by preventing their batteries from charging. Once the update is downloaded, the battery will run down and then it will never power up again (although you may be able to continue using the phone while it’s plugged in). […]

Samsung will remotely disable remaining Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

If you bought a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and haven’t returned it yet… you really should. Not only is the phone prone to catching fire, subject to a massive recall, and barred from boarding airplanes with you, but soon you may not even be able to turn the thing on. The Verge reports that Samsung […]