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RCA launches new range of Android and Windows tablets, ranging from 7 inch to 17 inch models

RCA is launching four new tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show. The cheapest is a $50 Android tablet with a 7 inch display called the RCA Voyager III. The biggest is basically a 17.3 inch all-in-one desktop with Android called the RCA Horizon 17. It’s expected to sell for under $400. There are also two […]

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Sony, Sharp, RCA, and Xiaomi launching Android TV products

Google says a bunch of new Android TV devices are on the way, including smart TVs with Google’s software baked in, and several set top boxes. RCA is launching its first Android TV and Sony is adding Android TV to its 2016 Bravia TVs. Sharp, meanwhile, is launching a TV box called the Net Player, […]

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Lilbits (6-30-2014): Google’s first social network is shutting down

Before there was Google+ there was Google Buzz. And before Buzz, there was Orkut — Google’s first attempt at a social networking site. Orkut never really took off in the US, but it was big in Brazil… So good news for Brazil: Your country is in the international spotlight thanks to the World Cup. Bad news: […]