Motorola Razr foldable phone will be available Feb 6 (pre-orders open Jan 26)

After a slight delay, Motorola’s first smartphone with a foldable OLED display is almost here. The company says the Motorola Razr goes up for pre-order at Motorola, Walmart, and Verizon starting January 26th, and it will be available in stores February 6th. As expected, the smartphone will be expensive — it sells for $1,500 (or about […]

Motorola’s new Razr is a modern flip-phone with a foldable display (coming in January for $1500)

As expected, Motorola’s bringing back its iconic Razr brand. The new Motorola Razr borrows some design cues from the company’s classic flip phones — it’s a slim phone that folds in half to take up less space in your pocket. But when you unfold the new phone you see a single large 6.2 inch foldable […]

Motorola’s new Razr foldable phone looks very familiar (leaks)

Fifteen years after introducing the first Razr flip phone, Motorola is bringing the Razr brand back… and it looks like the new model will borrow heavily from the design of the original. Evan Blass has posted a leaked image that allegedly shows the upcoming 2019 Moto Razr smartphone with a foldable display. With the screen […]

Leaked video shows how the new Moto Razr folds (Updated)

Motorola’s first smartphone with a foldable display is expected to combine new technology and a classic design. The long-rumored Moto Razr would bring back the name of the company’s slim clamshell-style phone that predates the smartphone era. And it would also bring back the idea of a clamshell phone. While Samsung, Huawei, and other foldable […]

Moto Razr could combine expensive folding display with mid-range processor

The first smartphones with foldable displays are coming this year, and so far they’re all… really expensive. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will sell for $1980 and up. The Huawei Mate X will cost $2600. And even the FlexPai foldable phone from the little-known display maker Royole is expected to go for $1290. High prices are […]

Report: Motorola’s foldable flip-phone will have a useful secondary screen

Rumor has it that Motorola’s first phone with a foldable display will feature classic flip-phone style design and that it may even be sold under the classic Razr brand name. While Samsung, Huawei, and other companies are using flexible display technology to produce phones that can be unfolded to become tablets, Motorola’s device will likely […]

This could be what the new Moto Razr folding phone looks like

Smartphones with folding displays are all the rage these days, but it looks like different phone makers may be different approaches. Royole’s FlexPai smartphone folds in half so that part of the phone’s 7.8 inch display becomes a 4.5 inch screen. Samsung’s upcoming foldable will bend the other way… so that the tablet-sized screen is […]

WSJ: Motorola Razr is making a comeback as foldable smartphone

Motorola may be looking to revive its Razr brand… again. The original Motorola Razr was a flip phone launched in 2004, known for its eye-catching design and super-slim profile. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Motorola plans to release a new model with a foldable display and a $1,500 starting price. While that’s a lot […]