Little Linux Laptop: New site dedicated to the cheapest of notebooks

There’s a tiny little laptop that goes by many names. The 3k Razorbook 400, Trendtac 700 EPC, Elonex One T, Yinlips Micro PC, Bestlink Alpha 400 are all basically the same notebook, rebranded and sold by a variety of different companies in different parts of the world. What these laptops have in common (aside from […]

“World’s Cheapest Laptop” is just $130 — if you order in bulk

While the OLPC XO Laptop never really hit that mythical $100 price point, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell a laptop for little more than a Ben Franklin. Alibaba is selling the so-called “World’s Cheapest Laptop,” for just $130. The only catch? You need to order 50 or more laptops to get that price. […]

The 3K RazorBook has an extended family

When you buy a computer from a well known company, there’s a good chance it was actually manufacturer by a less well known company that specializes in producing OEM computers and electronics for big companies like Acer, HP, and Dell. Every now and then you’ll even find two companies selling nearly identical machines based on […]