Razer Edge Pro $1300 gaming tablet pre-orders paused to catch up with demand

Apparently people are willing to pay higher-than-iPad prices for a tablet… as long as it’s a tablet that’s truly different from anything else on the market. Gaming hardware company Razer has announced that pre-orders of the Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet have been strong… maybe too strong. The company is pausing pre-orders of the $1300 […]

Razer Edge Windows 8 gaming tablet up for pre-order March 1st

Razer’s Edge tablet is a 10 inch Windows 8 tablet aimed at gamers. It has the guts of a mid-range PC gaming laptop, including an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and discrete graphics. Razer will also offer optional accessories including a game controller that add buttons and D-pads on the sides of the tablet. Razer introduced […]