Zero Terminal 3 is a modular handheld PC with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a touchscreen display

The Zero Terminal 3 is a little computer that looks like a chunky smartphone. But it’s a full-fledged Linux PC with a touchscreen display, a built-in battery, a full-sized USB port, and a microSD card reader. It’s also a modular device that can support add-ons including keyboards, game controllers, radio transceivers, network interfaces, solar panels, […]

$70 Retroflag GPi case turns a Raspberry Pi Zero into a Game Boy (hacker upgrades it with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module)

Folks have been cramming Raspberry Pi computers into handheld cases to create their own Game Boy clones for years. But the Retroflag GPi case lets you do it without a soldering iron, dremel, or 3D printer. It’s a $70 case that looks like a Game Boy. And it comes with a cartridge that looks like […]

This $10 PCB lets you build a handheld PC with a Raspberry Pi Zero W (plus a display)

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a is a tiny, low-power single-board computer that sells for $5 (or $10 if you want a Pi Zero W with WiFi and Bluetooth). But the tiny computers aren’t much use without accessories — like most single-board computers, you’ll need to connect a keyboard, mouse, and power supply before you […]

PiPod is a DIY portable music player (powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero)

Smartphones have largely replaced portable media players like the iPod Classic for most folks. But sometimes you want a device that just holds a huge amount of music and which can play for hours and hours… and if the battery dies it won’t stop you from taking calls on your phone. While a handful of […]

Classic Polaroid camera gutted, made modern with Raspberry Pi + thermal printer

You can make a lot of cool things by stuffing a Raspberry Pi computer into an existing chassis. We’ve seen hackers do everything from turn an old portable DVD player into a modern Kodi-powered media center to designing a Nintendo Entertainment System clone that’s far more versatile than Nintendo’s official NES Classic Edition. But mitxela’s Thermal […]

$15 USB docking hub adds ports to the Raspberry Pi Zero (crowdfunding)

Raspberry Pi offers a handful of different single-board computers, including the $35 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for folks that want a machine with a quad-core processor, 4 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, and audio jacks, and the smaller $5 Raspberry Pi Zero and $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W (with WiFi and Bluetooth) for folks that […]