$70 Retroflag GPi case turns a Raspberry Pi Zero into a Game Boy (hacker upgrades it with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module)

Folks have been cramming Raspberry Pi computers into handheld cases to create their own Game Boy clones for years. But the Retroflag GPi case lets you do it without a soldering iron, dremel, or 3D printer. It’s a $70 case that looks like a Game Boy. And it comes with a cartridge that looks like […]

Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module coming this year

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is a tiny computer that looks like a stick of laptop memory, but which has the same processor, memory, and storage as a first-gen Raspberry Pi. Now a new model’s on the way, and it’s based on the newer, more-powerful Raspberry Pi 3. Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton tells IDG News that […]

OTTO: Raspberry Pi-powered camera for shooting animated GIFs (crowdfunding)

There are plenty of ways to turn video files into animated GIF images. But a new camera is designed to cut out the middleman by allowing you to shoot straight to animated GIF. But that’s not even the most unusual thing about the OTTO camera. It also happens to have a hand-crank, hardware that’s powered by […]

Design your own PC with Raspberry Pi Compute Module system-on-a-stick

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, tiny computer that’s about the size of a deck of cards. Now the group behind the mini-computer are going even smaller with the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It looks like a stick of laptop memory, and actually uses the same connector as a DDR2 SODIMM. But it’s got […]