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Lilbits: Samsung’s One UI comes to Wear OS watches, Xbox Cloud Gaming comes to Windows 10 and iOS (via the web)

Last month Samsung and Google announced plans to merge their smartwatch platforms into a single, unified platform bringing the best of Google’s Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen. Now Samsung is giving us an idea of what next-gen Galaxy smartwatches running the new software will look like. Among other things, Samsung is promising updates to the […]

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Hacker gets Windows 10 up and running on a Raspberry Pi 3 (sort of)

The Raspberry Pi line of computers can run a wide range of software including a variety of GNU/Linux distributions and Google Android. But while Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core can also run on a Raspberry Pi, there’s officially no way to run a full-fledged desktop version of Windows on the tiny, low-power computer. Unofficially though… […]

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$52 Pi Desktop kit turns a Raspberry Pi into a (more) complete PC

The Raspberry Pi line of single-board computers are basically tiny, cheap, low power PCs. But they tend to lack of some of the features you get with a normal desktop computer, like a case… or storage. You can use a microSD card and/or USB drives for storage and there’s no shortage of third-party cases for Raspberry […]

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Hardware kit turns Raspberry Pi into a DIY Google Home (kind of)

Just a few days after Google released a software development kit for Google Assistant, allowing developers to bring Google’s voice assistant service to third-party hardware, there’s a new hardware kit that lets you turn a Raspberry Pi into an Assistant-enabled device. The AIY Projects voice kit includes a speaker, microphone, cables, arcade-style button, and a cardboard case […]

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Deals of the Day (3-15-2017)

Need a new desktop computer… that doesn’t take up much space? Newegg is offering deals on a couple of Intel NUC barebones mini PC kits today, as well as deals on a few complete systems including the Acer Revo Mini and HP EliteDesk 800 G2. You can even save a few bucks on a Raspberry […]

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Raspberry Pi launches new £99 starter kit, marks 10 million tiny PCs sold

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has sold more than 10 million tiny, inexpensive, low-power PCs since the first Raspberry Pi launched in February, 2012. First envisioned as a system to help students learn to program, Raspberry Pi devices have been turned into home media center PCs, home automation systems, brains for robots, and many other things. […]

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Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module coming this year

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module is a tiny computer that looks like a stick of laptop memory, but which has the same processor, memory, and storage as a first-gen Raspberry Pi. Now a new model’s on the way, and it’s based on the newer, more-powerful Raspberry Pi 3. Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton tells IDG News that […]

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Coming soon: Android TV for your Raspberry Pi 3

It looks like Google is getting ready to release Android for the Raspberry Pi, but a group of Pi enthusiasts aren’t waiting for that to happen. They’ve already got Android 6.0.1 running on it and they’re almost ready to share a stable version of Android TV, too. YouTuber ETA PRIME has shared a video of […]