Dell ships the Inspiron M101z with Ubuntu Light quick-boot OS

Earlier this year Canonical announced that it was working on a light-weight version of Ubuntu Linux designed to work as a quick-boot OS option. It’s called Ubuntu Light, and like Splashtop or HyperSpace, the idea is that you can run the OS on the same computer as Windows or another fuller-feature operating system. Then at […]

DeviceVM launches Splashtop 2.0 quick boot environment

The folks behind the quick booting Splashtop environment are introducing a major update this week. Splashtop is basically a light weight Linux environment that loads in about 10 seconds on a machine with an Intel Atom processor, allowing you to load a web browser, make a call with Skype, chat on IM, or perform other […]

Samsung notebooks to feature HyperSpace quick boot environment

Samsung is the latest PC maker to jump on the quick start bandwagon. The company has partnered with Phoenix to load HyperSpace on all of Samsung’s upcoming mobile PCs including netbooks. HyperSpace is basically a low profile Linux distribution that hangs out on a small hard drive partition, allowing you to choose between HyperSpace or […]

Phoenix and Intel team up on Moblin/Hyperspace quick-boot OS for netbooks

Phoenix Technologies’ HyperSpace software is a quick-booting software environment that can coexist on a PC with Windows or other full featured operating systems. In other words, you have a choice when you hit the power button of waiting 45 seconds or longer to boot into a full desktop operating system, or you can launch HyperSpace […]