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Expect to see more Alexa-enabled PCs soon

Acer’s latest laptops come with support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. And Asus and HP announced plans to bring Alexa to some of their PCs earlier this year. Now Amazon says it’s working with ODMs (original design manufacturers) too. The company has unveiled four new PC designs that feature microphones for far-field voice recognition that […]

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Quanta NH2 is a white label Cherry Trail PC stick

Taiwanese device manufacturer Quanta builds computers, cameras, and other electronic devices which are then sold under different brand names. So while you’ll probably never be able to buy a PC-on-a-stick called the Quanta NH2, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of tiny computers that look like this in the future: Quanta’s NH2 is a […]

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Foxconn Kangaroo, Quanta Compute Plug join the mini PC parade

Microsoft has revealed two new tiny computers coming from Taiwanese manufacturers Foxconn and Quanta. The Quanta Compute Plug is a PC built into a device the size of a power adapter (and which you can actually use as a USB power adapter), while the Foxconn Kangaroo is a pocket-sized desktop computer that you can carry with you […]

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Quanta’s 11.6 inch tablet prototype powered by AMD Temash CPU (video)

Taiwanese equipment maker Quanta is showing off a new tablet prototype featuring an AMD A4-1200 processor. That’s AMD’s new low-power “Temash” chip aimed at low-cost tablets. Quanta doesn’t sell devices under its own brand name, but it’s one of the biggest manufacturers of notebooks and other devices sold by big name companies. The prototype tablet […]

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Sluggish tablet sales leading to Taiwanese factory layoffs?

HP discontinued the TouchPad tablet less than two months after launching it, due to poor sales figures. Now it looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook may be on a similar deathwatch, as Research in Motion offers promotion after promotion in an effort to convince people to buy the 7 inch tablet. We haven’t seen any major […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook orders reduced due to low demand

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet isn’t selling very well. While the company had hoped to ship at least 4 million tablets this year, it appears that fewer than 800 thousand BlackBerry tablets were shipped in the first half of 2011, and it’s not clear how many of those are still sitting on store shelves (instead of […]

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Mystery Quanta tablet shows up at the FCC

Quanta Computers is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in Taiwan, so you don’t typically see computers sold under the Quanta brand name. Instead major PC makers contract with Quanta to build devices which are sold under different names. But every now and then, an upcoming device makes it as far as the FCC web site […]

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Quanta and 3M developing touchscreens for finger, stylus input

While it’s not a hard and fast rule, I’ve gotten kind of used to the fact that most tablets, smartphones, and other devices with touchscreen displays released over the past few years come in one of two varieties. Either you have a touchscreen that recognizes finger input (capacitive), or stylus input (resistive). You rarely get […]