Qualcomm’s first self-branded smartphone is an enthusiast-class flagship (that’s made by Asus)

The company that makes the processors that power many of the world’s smartphones is now launching its own phone. The new Qualcomm Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders is designed and manufactured by Asus, but it’s designed to show off the best of Qualcomm’s technologies and the phone is marketed at members of the company’s Snapdragon Insiders community. […]

Qualcomm plans to launch a laptop processor that rivals Apple’s by mid 2022

Chip maker Qualcomm makes the processors that power every current-gen Windows on ARM laptop or tablet (which isn’t very many) and a handful of Chromebooks (there are even fewer of those). But the company’s strength has long been in the smartphone space, where Qualcomm powers most Android flagships. Its laptop processors have generally delivered underwhelming […]

Gateway laptops with Qualcomm chips and 4G LTE coming this summer

Budget computer maker Gateway plans to launch at least two new Windows laptops powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors this summer. The Gateway GWTC116-3 is an 11.6 inch convertible with an HD touchscreen display and support for pen input, while the Gateway GWTN133-1 is a 13.3 inch notebook with a full HD display and twice as much storage […]

Lilbits: Windows 11, Qualcomm’s next flagship chip, and Walmart & Target’s Prime Day counterprogramming

Two big leaks today – Microsoft might finally be ready to retire the Windows 10 brand name and replace it with something new, and Qualcomm’s next-gen flagship processor could be a doozy. First, the chip. ARM says chips based on its new ARMv9 architecture will bring big boosts in overall performance and efficiency, and even bigger […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Go is a Windows on ARM laptop for $349 and up

Windows laptops and tablets with ARM-based processors have been around for a few years, but for the most part they’ve suffered from two issues: they’re not very powerful and they’re not very cheap. Now Samsung is taking aim at the second problem with the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy Book Go line of Windows laptops […]

Snapdragon Dev Kit is a small Windows PC with a Qualcomm processor (for developers)

Chip maker Qualcomm is one of the dominant players in the smartphone space, but the company wants in on the PC space as well. A handful of Windows laptops and tablets with Qualcomm processors have shipped over the past few years, and Qualcomm-powered Chromebooks are just starting to hit the streets. Now Qualcomm has unveiled […]

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 778G processor for “high tier” phones coming this quarter

Qualcomm’s newest smartphone processor is a 6nm chip designed for upper mid-range or “high tier” phones. Qualcomm says the new Snapdragon 778G processor brings up to a 40-percent boost in CPU and graphics performance over the previous-gen Snapdragon 768G processor. It also has new imaging and AI capabilities. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor is expected to arrive in […]