Qualcomm responds to “smartbook” trademark claim

Over the past few days, the battle over the term “smartbook” has heated up a bit. A few months ago chip-maker Qualcomm started using the term to describe low power, 3G-enabled mini-laptops using ARM-based processors like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset. But a German company called Smartbook is working to protect the term, and a German court […]

Qualcomm coins the term Smartbook for netbook/smartphone mashup

It’s no secret that chip maker Qualcomm has been working on low power processors for mini-laptops for a while now. The company, which is best known for developing cellphone processors, has been demonstrating netbook prototypes at trade shows since late 2008. Today Qualcomm upped its game by introducing a whole new term: Smartbook. The idea […]

Industry predictions: Netbook shipments to quadruple, could outsell noteboks

There’s no doubt that netbooks represent the fastest growing segment of the PC industry today. And I expect them to become even bigger over the next few years. 12 months ago, almost nobody knew what a netbook was, but today you can find them in a number of retail stores, order them from most computer […]

Qualcomm shows Windows CE-based handheld, reminiscent of HP Jornada

Chip maker Qualcomm has been showing off netbook prototypes built around the company’s Snapdragon chipset for a few months now. Qualcomm’s expertise is in making chips for cellphones, but the new Snapdragon platform should be able to handle basic computing tasks for netbook-style devices, including web browsing and multimedia playback. You won’t be able to […]

Qualcomm unveils netbook prototype with Snapdragon CPU

Qualcomm is showing off several concept designs for mobile devices built around the company’s new Snapdragon chipset. Wht makes the Snapdragon platform different from say, an Intel platform is that it’s ARM-based and includes built-in support for 3G connectivity. The two devices Qualcomm is showcasing at the moment represent two different markets for the chips: […]