Allwinner to help Qualcomm get Snapdragon chips into cheap tablets

Chip makers Allwinner and Qualcomm have announced a bizarre-sounding agreement designed to help Qualcomm get its chips into more low-cost tablets. Allwinner is a Chinese fabless semiconductor company that designs its own chips, which are often used in cheap tablets produced in China. But for the most part those tablets are WiFi-only. Qualcomm, meanwhile, is […]

Alcatel OneTouch Pop 2 phones and tablets feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-bit CPU

Alcatel OneTouch is introducing a new line of Android devices powered by Qualcomm’s first 64-bit processor. The Alcatel OneTouch Pop 2 smartphones and the Pop 8S tablet are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 processor. While that’s a 64-bit chip based on ARMv8 architecture, don’t expect bleeding edge performance: Qualcomm is positioning it as a processor […]

Lenovo announce Vibe Z2 smartphone with Snapdragon 410

HTC isn’t the only company launching a phone with Qualcomm’s new 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor. Meet the Lenovo Vibe Z2. It probably won’t be available in the US anytime soon, but this mid-range phone could be one of the first phones with a Snapdragon 410 CPU to hit China when it launches in October. It should also launch in […]

HTC’s first 64-bit smartphone is also its cheapest phone with 4G LTE

As expected, HTC is launching its first smartphone featuring a 64-bit processor based on ARMv8 architecture. And as expected, it’s a mid-range device rather than a phone with bleeding edge specs. The HTC Desire 510 is powered by Qualcomm’s 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410 processor, making it the first phone announced to feature Qualcomm’s new entry-level […]

Huawei G621 could sport a 64-bit ARM chip

Huawei appears to be testing a smartphone that could be one of the first Android devices to ship with a 64-bit ARM processor. The Huawei G621 showed up recently in the AnTuTu benchmark logs, and it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 processor. Note that this is hardly the first 64-bit phone. Apple’s iPhone […]

Qualcomm goes 64-bit with Snapdragon 610 & 615 chips

Qualcomm is throwing its hat in the 64-bit processor ring with two new ARM Cortex-A53 processors based on ARMv8 architecture. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 610 and Snapdragon 615 chips should be available by the end of 2014. The chip maker says it will begin sampling the processors in the third quarter of the year, which means you […]

Qualcomm working on 64-bit and octa-core chips

Chip maker Qualcomm is reportedly working on a a few new processors for smartphones and tablets, including models with 64-bit architecture and possibly a new octa-core chip. The upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 is a 64-bit chip with integrated support for 4G LTe networks. Meanwhile, Chinese news sources suggest we could see a new 8-core MSM8994/APQ8094 from […]