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OnePlus launches a real $20 drone for April Fools’ Day

For the past few weeks the makers of the OnePlus One smartphone have been teasing their next product called OnePlus DR-1. Today they officially unveiled the DR-1 and it’s a cheap flying drone. Not exactly a “game changer” as promised, but not entirely an April Fools’ joke either. The company actually put the DR-1 in […]

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Hex: A $49 open source, smartphone-controller nanocopter hits Kickstarter

You may not be able to buy a MeCam flying camera for $49 just yet (it’s expected to hit the streets in 2014). But $49 is enough to buy you a tiny quad-coptor that you can control with your smartphone. Hex is a nanocoptor kit that’s based on open source designs, and which is expected […]

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Crazyflie Nano quadcopter is a $173 open source, programmable flying machine

Can’t wait to get your hands on a MeCam flying camera in 2014? You might be able to build your own… or something even cooler, using the Crazyflie Nano quadcopter development kit. You can pre-order one now for $173, and kits are expected to start shipping April 25th, 2013. The kit features a flying machine […]