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BlackBerry PlayBook rooted, still won’t run custom firmware anytime soon

The BlackBerry PlayBook has been available since April, 2011… so it’s about time someone figured out how to root the 7 inch tablet. And that’s exactly what developer Chris Wade claims to have done. Research in Motion’s tablet runs software based on the QNX operating system. Rooting it provides a user with escalated privileges, which […]

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Who needs an official SDK? Native QNX apps can already run on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Research in Motion is expected to launch a software developer kit (SDK) allowing developers to write native apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook this summer. This will let developers code apps specifically for the QNX operating system that runs on the tablet. But one independent developer has already figured out how to write QNX apps and […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook review roundup

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is set to go on sale April 19th with a starting price of $500. The tablet has a speedy dual core processor, supports Adobe Flash, and in addition to native apps, it will eventually be able to run Android apps. So how does it compare to the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM, […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook may be able to run Android apps… but probably not

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook is a pretty sexy little 7 inch tablet with a fast dual core processor and a slick operating system with excellent support for multitasking. The only problem? A tablet is only as good as the apps it can run, and while there are hundreds of thousands of apps for the competing […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook spotted in the wild, multitasks like a champ

When Research in Motion first introduced its upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, the tablet was tucked away behind glass, leading some conspiracy theorists to proclaim that the device didn’t actually exist (at least not yet). But now the company is starting to show off the device. This morning RIM posted a video comparing the web browsing experience […]

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Rim’s BlackPad tablet may not actually run BlackBerry OS

You know, I just kind of assumed that the upcoming tablet by BlackBerry maker Research in Motion — which the company is reportedly calling a BlackPad — might actually, you know, run some version of the BlackBerry OS. But according to Bloomberg that’s not the case. Earlier this year RIM acquired a company called QNX […]