ZENS Liberty wireless charger coming in November for $140, shows what Apple’s canceled AirPower would have been like if it

Apple’s AirPower wireless charger was supposed to be a charging pad that could charge multiple devices placed anywhere on top. But after spending two years trying to perfect the design, Apple scrapped the project earlier this year. Now a company called ZENS is getting ready to launch a new wireless charging pad that works a […]

Google Pixel 3 support 10W wireless charging… but only with some chargers

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are the first Google-branded smartphones to support wireless charging since the Nexus 5 was released in 2013. But if you’re looking for a charger that works best with these new phones there’s something you need to keep in mind. Like most phones that can charge without wires, […]

Report: Samsung’s dual-device wireless charger may beat Apple’s to market

Last year Apple unveiled a wireless charging pad capable of charging both an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, but the company has yet to bring its AirPower device to market. Recent reports indicate it could finally hit the streets in September. But Apple isn’t the only company working on a dual-device wireless […]

Bloomberg: Apple hopes to launch AirPower wireless charger by September

The iPhone X is Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging… but Apple doesn’t make a wireless charger for it yet, so the company has been selling third-party chargers since the iPhone X launched last year. When the company unveiled the phone last September, Apple also noted that it was working on a new wireless […]

Powermat jumps on the Qi wireless charging bandwagon

VHS vs Betamax. Blu-ray vs HD-DVD. TiVo vs ReplayTV. As is often the case, when a new technology arises, there are often competing standards at first. But the market can’t always support two standards, because customers want to just be able to buy a product and know that it’ll work with all their existing accessories […]

Azpen’s new wireless charging docks are also Alexa smart speakers

If you’re not a fan of single-purpose devices that do silly things like, say, charge your phone, Azpen’s got you covered. The company’s new DockAll Pro line of wireless charging docks for smartphones and tablets are also smart speakers, so you can listen to music, set reminders, or get answers to question while charging your […]

Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium, may add wireless charging to iPhones

Rumor has it that Apple’s next-gen iPhones could support wireless charging. Now 9to5Mac has spotted something that adds a little fuel to that fire: Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium. That’s the organization that promotes the Qi wireless charging standard used in many phones and other gadgets. Apple isn’t confirming whether the move means […]

LG introduces Quick Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless chargers may be more convenient than wired ones, but up until recently they’ve also generally been slower. But LG says its new wireless charging pad can give a phone’s battery a 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. The company’s Quick Wireless Charging Pad is coming to North America, Europe, and Australia in mid-October. […]

Samsung’s new display includes wireless charging for your phone

Samsung has unveiled a new PC monitor with a feature that should be standard on most monitors at this point in the tech industry, a charging station. But we’re not talking about extra USB ports so you can plug in a bunch of chargers. There is a wireless charging station built right into the monitor’s base […]

Qi Wireless chargers to support faster charging

Wireless chargers may be convenient, but they’re not super-fast. It usually takes a little longer to fully charge the battery in your phone or tablet when you place it on a wireless charging pad than it does when you actually plug in a power cable. But that could change now that the Wireless Power Consortium […]

Qi motion-based UI could make smartwatches easier to use

Quantum Interface (Qi) has just launched an invite-only beta version of a motion-based interface for Android-based smart watches. The company’s goal is to make a program that uses motion, eye tracking, and predictive navigation to make it easier to control your mobile device without tapping and scrolling through endless menus. Qi’s navigation interface is designed to […]