Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone’s Lockdown Mode will shut off all sensors

Purim’s upcoming Librem 5 smartphone has two key selling points. First, it will ship with free and open source GNU/Linux software featuring as little proprietary code as possible. And second, it features three hardware hardware kill switches that can disconnect: The mic and cameras WiFi and Bluetooth Cellular baseband In other words, it’s a phone […]

Purism’s newest Librem laptops ship with newer (but still old) chips

Purism’s first smartphone is set to launch this year, but the corporation got its start making laptops that ship with free and open source software and privacy-oriented features like physical kill switches for the mic, camera, and wireless radios. Now Purism is updating its laptop lineup with new models sporting upgraded processors. And by upgraded, […]

Dev kits for Purism’s Librem 5 Linux smartphone are now shipping

Purism hopes to ship its first smartphone in the first half of 2019 which wouldn’t be all that unusual if Purism weren’t a rather unusual company. Actually company’s not even the right word — Purism is a “social purpose corporation” that prioritizes software and hardware freedom, privacy, and security over profit. All of the laptops […]

Purism’s Librem 5 Linux smartphone to ship in April, 2019

Purism has been building and selling computers with free and open source GNU/Linux software for the past few years, and last year the corporation announced plans to build its first smartphone. When Purism launched a crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming Librem 5 smartphone, the goal was to ship the phone in January, 2019. Now Purism […]

Lilbits 331: Non-IFA news edition

The IFA show in Berlin technically begins on Thursday, but Intel, Acer, and Dell have already kicked things off with a series of announcements related to new processors and a whole bunch of new laptops. But not all the news this week is coming out of IFA. The Information reports that Amazon is getting ready […]

Purism wants to create a GNOME mobile shell for Linux smartphones (and other Librem 5 phone update)

Linux computer maker Purism hopes to ship their smartphone in January, and the corporation has been providing updates about development of the upcoming Librem 5 smartphone periodically since launching a crowdfunding campaign last September (that campaign eventually raised more than $1.5 million through pre-orders). We know that the phone will feature an NXP i.MX8 processor, that it […]