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Lilbits: Ventana announces the most powerful RISC-V chip to date, and Google postpones Manifest V2 phase-out

A California-based company called Ventana has introduced what they’re describing as the highest-performance processor based on RISC-V architecture to date. The company says it’s a “data center class” processor with single-core performance that’s competitive with high-end ARM and x86 chips. In other recent tech news from around the web, Apple has released iOS 16.2, Mozilla […]

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Lilbits: A handheld Nintendo Wii, a $200 OnePlus smartphone, and TuneIn drops out (one of its Pro features)

Some folks like to play classic console games by using emulators on smartphones, tablets, or handheld game systems with modern hardware. And then there’s the community of Nintendo Wii hackers who literally cut Nintendo’s 2006 game console down to size and stuff the components inside of custom cases. We’ve seen projects that put a Wii […]

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Lilbits (10-01-2013): Microsoft Surface tablets in new shapes and sizes

Microsoft currently offers two types of Surface tablet: models with Windows or models with Windows RT. Both types come with 10.6 inch displays. But eventually the company could branch out and offer its tablets in a range of shapes and sizes. Speaking at an event in Seattle, Microsoft’s Panos Panay said the company plans to […]

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Puppy Linux 5.2 Wary proves big operating systems come in small packages

Ubuntu Linux may have grabbed a lot of headlines when version 11.10 was released earlier this week, but it’s not the only Linux-based operating system to get an overhaul this week. Today Puppy Linux 5.2 Wary was released. Puppy is a light-weight Linux distribution designed to run on a wide range of computers including older […]

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NorhTec Gecko Edubook with Puppy Linux – Video

The NorhTec Gecko Edubook that I’m testing this week shipped with WattOS, a light weight Linux distribution optimized to support the netbook’s somewhat unusual hardware. But drivers are also available for Windows XP,and you can configure several other Linux0based operating systems to play well with the Edubook, including Ubuntu, Debian, Zen, and Puppy Linux. Although […]

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Pupeee Linux 4.2 is fast, simple and built for Eee PC netbooks

Puppy Linux is a small and fast Linux distribution designed to be run from a USB flash drive. Pupeee Linux is all that, but it’s also optimized for Asus Eee PC netbooks. That means it features support for the screen resolution, WiFi card, speakers, and most other hardware right out of the box. You can even […]