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Remember the Puls? No. It’s that weird smartwatch/wearable phone thing that musician launched back in 2014. It left reviewers kind of baffled. Now is back for round two. He’s launched a new smart wearable that you can talk to and it’s called the Dial… which is kind of funny because there’s no buttons […]

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Lilbits (4-09-2015): Firefox for Android surpasses 100 million downloads

Google’s Android operating system may come with a web browser (or two) pre-loaded, depending on the device and software version. But that hasn’t stopped developers from offering third-party browsers such as Dolphin, Opera, and Firefox. In fact, Mozilla says it’s Firefox web browser for Android has been downloaded over 100 million times. A few years […]

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The Puls is a smartwatch… or maybe a wearable phone from

Not convinced smartwatches from Samsung, LG, Motorola, or Apple are powerful enough for you? The frontman for the Black Eyed Peas has just revealed a new wearable that works as a watch, a fitness tracker, and a smartphone.’s new device is called the Puls, and it’s a smartwatch with 3G capabilities for making phone […]