10.1 inch TCL tri-fold display could be coming to tablets, phones, or laptops

TCL’s product lineup includes smartphones, tablets, TVs, audio gear, and home appliances. But the company also makes displays, and as interest in foldable devices has grown in the past few years, TCL has shown off a number of foldable display prototypes. The latest is a 10.1 inch tri-fold screen that can be folded in half […]

Moar screens! Expanscape unveils 7-screen laptop and dual-screen handheld prototypes

Dual-screen laptops are starting to become a thing… but UK-based Expanscape wants to go further than that. Much further. The company is revealing prototypes of two multi-screen devices: Aurora 7 is a laptop with 7 screens that lets you carry a monster workstation PC with you on the go. TeenySERV Duo is a handheld computer […]

Oppo’s smartphone prototype has under-glass camera, no ports or buttons

Some smartphones are already shipping with in-display fingerprint sensors rather than visible sensors on the front, back, or sides of the phone. Soon we may see phones with in-display cameras as well. Chinese device maker Oppo revealed that it was developing an under-glass smartphone camera earlier this year. This week the company showed off the […]

Intel’s new gaming notebook prototype has 2 screens + 2 hinges

You know how Asus just introduced a set of dual-screen laptops with one regular display and a second ultra-wide one above the keyboard? Intel’s showing off one of those too… except the Intel Honeycomb Glacier prototype is more of a concept device for a next-gen gaming laptop And the second screen arguably isn’t even the […]

Oppo’s folding smartphone protoype looks awfully familiar

Smartphones with foldable OLED displays are still pretty new, and so far all of the companies that have unveiled one have taken different approaches to how their phones should look (and even how they fold). But I guess that was too good to last. Oppo VP Brian Shen has posted some images to Chinese social […]

This case works like an airbag for your smartphone (prototype)

Most smartphone cases are designed to protect your mobile device from minor scrapes, bumps, or falls… but drop your phone screen-first onto concrete and you’re probably out of luck unless you’ve got some serious screen protection. The AD Case could change that. It’s like a mobile airbag for your smartphone, with a set of springs […]