Sony Xperia Touch projector hits America… for $1700 (Android Projector with multitouch input)

There are a lot of portable projectors that use Google’s Android operating system to let you beam apps like Netflix, YouTube, or Angry Birds to a wall or screen. Sony’s Xperia Touch is something a bit different: it’s not just a projector that runs Android. It also has sensors that supports 10-point touch detection… so […]

Microsoft Surface Mobile: A Windows phone with pen and projector?

Windows phones may have a nearly insignificant market share at this point, but Microsoft’s Windows software still dominates the desktop and notebook PC space. So while it seems likely that Android and iOS will continue to rule the smartphone space for a while, Microsoft may be planning for a future where the things we call […]

Sony Xperia Touch projector makes any surface a multitouch computer (nifty, expensive niche product)

I can’t decide if the Sony Xperia Touch represents an exciting new product category in the personal computing space, of if it’s just an overpriced novelty. It could be both. The Xperia Touch is basically an ultrashort throw laser projector that beams content onto a flat surface… and then uses cameras to watch you interact […]

Razer’s CEO says two prototypes were stolen at CES

PC gaming hardware company Razer has a track record of showing up to the Consumer Electronics Show with some of the most impressive (and unusual) concept devices. In the 2014, the company unveiled Project Christine, a liquid-cooled gaming PC with a modular design. In 2013 the company introduced a high-end Windows gaming tablet. And last […]

LG ProBeam is a compact laser projector coming to CES

Projectors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, with some models small enough to slap on the back of a smartphone. But most projectors that are good enough to actually replace a big screen TV tend to be a bit larger. LG’s new ProBeam, though, shows that they don’t need to be […]

Akyumen’s phones and tablets with built-in projectors coming in September

Sure, Motorola is selling a $300 projector that you can snap onto the back of the company’s Moto Z smartphones. But every now and again we see phones or tablets that have built-in projectors. A startup called Akyumen seems to be building an entire line of products around the concept. This September company plans to begin […]

Aiptek iBeamBlock is a modular mini PC, projector, and battery

As tech components get smaller and smaller, you can cram a lot of things into a tiny space. A few days ago I highlighted a new mini-desktop computer that also has a 7 inch touchscreen display and battery that lets you use it like a tablet… and a built-in projector that lets you display movies, […]

Sunty SP-001 Windows mini PC has a projector and a 7 inch touchscreen

Over the past year or so we’ve seen a new kind of mini-computer emerge from Chinese companies including Pipo and GOLE. They’re designed to work like tiny desktop PCs, but they also have built-in touchscreen displays that let you use them like tablets. Some models even have batteries. Now there’s a new model on the […]